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Q: What is Intel® Education Solutions?
A: The Intel® Education Solutions is a complete education solution designed for 1:1 eLearning in classrooms around the world. return to top
Q: What are the benefits of the Intel® Education Alliance Program?
A: Membership in the Alliance program provides exclusive benefits to help you create new business opportunities, including: Product Development: Get the latest research, including human factors, ethnography, thermal mechanical, and market analysis to grow your business. Support: Obtain support for 1:1 eLearning from pilots to deployment. Participate in Intel® Education Solutions Developer Program to optimize your software solutions. Marketing: lead generation tools, graphical assets, and customer-ready marketing materials from the Alliance website Resources section. Solution Sales: Broaden your sales channel through the Online Sales Center, the Intel® AppUPSM Center, and Minister of Education and IT decision maker networks. Innovation: Collaborate with Alliance members and gain key learnings from colleagues. Networking: Enjoy preferential access to networking events such as the Alliance Summit and regional events where you can learn about the latest product offerings. Exclusive Access: The updated Alliance website was designed for you with enhanced usability and public access to member companies. return to top
Q: How does Alliance Membership help me reach my market?
A: Education technology decision makers—whether in national or local government, or school administration and IT—are looking for complete education solutions, including interactive content delivered on a sustainable, purpose-built platform. They require cost-effective, holistic, 1:1 eLearning solutions, deployed on integrated, validated technologies. Your Alliance membership allows you to reach decision makers—showcasing your unique education solution in the context of a comprehensive teaching and learning platform. return to top
Q: How will the Intel® Education Alliance help member companies develop, optimize and validate education products for use with Intel classmate PC’s?
A: Intel will extend membership in the Alliance only to those companies that can demonstrate to Intel the capacity to satisfactorily support end-customers after the release of their product. Intel will from time to time as determined by Intel give Members access to documentation regarding relevant hardware and required software for Intel® Education Solutions products that is intended to assist members in optimizing their product(s) for the current version(s) of a given Intel® Education Solutions product. Member products that have been developed, optimized and validated for use with a given Intel® Education Solutions product in conjunction with the Alliance may be included in the Alliance catalog that Intel will make available to end-users online.return to top


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